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License Holder: The Partnership of Paul Antony Tutton, Olga Sienko–Tutton, Vicki Anne Tutton & Lindsay Mark Hill

License number: 57/OFF/230/2018

License expiry date: 5th day of December 2024

Hellblock Riesling 2021

green gold blood orange kaffir lime honeysuckle roasted pear ginger ale tangerine

Light straw with a pale gold green hue and silver flecks. Delicate notes of orange blossom, honeydew melon, lime zest and fresh tangelo. On the palate we find tangerine and chunchy red apple moving to intense lime with subtle tropical notes. The natural spritz lifts the mid palate while the electric acidity gives the wine length, together balancing the wine’s beautiful fruit sweetness. A gentle citrus pith cleanses the palate for a long lingering finish.

Our organically grown grapes are hand harvested, then whole bunch pressed gently over several hours. The must settled overnight before being racking off gross solids, taking only fluffy lees. Fermentation is allowed to proceed slowly at low temperature and stopped when the sugar, acid, alcohol and phenolics are in balance. We hold the wine at a cool temperature for the remainder of it’s tme in the cellar to retain it’s natural Co2 spritz from primary ferment. The wine is racked and spends 6 months on fine lees before bottling.

Winter 2020 was the mildest on record for our site and this meant the vines became active earlier than normal. The region was hit with two frost events in the Spring, the 30th of September event luckily missed our vineyards, but we were lightly touched on our lower terraces during the 16th of October event. We had reasonable weather over flowering with only a few cool showery periods which meant a relatively good fruit set. The new year started with some dry mild days and cool nights for January but warmed up with some typical North Canterbury winds for February and early March, which pushed ripening along and we picked our first fruit on the 17th of March, our second earliest harvest. The weather over the harvest period was very settled but dry. This allowed us to pick our parcels of fruit without too much external pressure, meaning we were able to let the fruit hang until acid, phenolics and brix all lined up nicely. The resulting wines show great typicity, with concentrated fruit, bright acid, and great structure.

10.9% Alc/Vol

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green gold crème brulee charred nectarine lime marmalade salted caramel crystalline

Pale gold green with silver flecks. Yarrow, citrus peel, charred stonefruits and lemon curd overlay a restrained flinty minerality. Creamy textured fresh citrus and white nectarine is pulled into shape by a bright backbone of acidity. The generous summer fruits are also supported by an understated oak influence with its caramel comfort coupled with our site’s typical clensing, mineral, saline reprise.

All the fruit was hand picked and whole bunch pressed to French oak barrels. Each parcel of fruit was kept separate and vinified and aged individually. We used a mixture of wild yeast and Pied de cuve to initiate the primary ferments. The batches were aged in French oak with 25% being new. To retain the beautiful structure of this wine, we allowed only 30% of the barrels to go through Malolactic fermentation, developing texture through very gentle batonnage during Spring. The total time in barrel was nine months before being combined into one blend in mid-January. The wine was bottled in March 2021, unfined with minimal filtration.

2020 was the earliest vintage in our 32 years. A warm, dry September and cool October were followed by our hottest November on record, which set up very favourable conditions for flowering. Summer started with dry, slightly warmer conditions than normal for both December and January, followed by a dry, much warmer than average February — this put much of the east coast of New Zealand, including North Canterbury into drought. March brought a break in the heat and some much needed rain that slowed the ripening of beautiful clean fruit – the first blocks were picked on the 16th of March. April, returned to dry weather, with above-average temperatures which was ideal for the bulk of our hand picked harvest.



13.9% Alc/Vol

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Sauvignon Blanc 2021

halo gold sherbet snow pea passionfruit compote basil kaffir lime cordial

A complex and textural wine from the gravels of our Waipara riverside home — dense with fresh flavours of summer. A Sauvignon Blanc full of character, comprised of fruit from 31 year old vines — 3 different clones grown on three different terraces — handled 3 different ways in the winery. Kaboom!

2021 saw a small harvest in our region after a trying growing season — coming off the back of three dry winters and a very late Spring frost. For our vineyards, this was overlaid by our three year period of organic conversion, in which vines tend to produce less as they adjust to a slightly different management regime. 2021 is our first biogro certified vintage, and 2021 Sauvignon Blanc is our second certified organic wine release.

Three individual parcels of scrumptious Sauvignon Blanc fruit from different terraces and terroirs within our vineyard were picked at various degrees of ripeness, and treated differently in the winery. Some were fermented in stainless steel for purity and drive, some in older oak for complexity and character, some had far longer skin and/or lees contact than others. This wine is the sum of those many parts — yet expresses an intense and singular precision. Therein lies the magic.

13.6% Alc/Vol

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garnet cranberry compote purple pastille red peppercorns black liqourice graphite cedar smoke savoury silky tannins

Cabernet Franc — Merlot — Cabernet Sauvignon

Ruby core with garnet hue. Aromas of Red berries and currents mixed with tobacco and leather against a background of fragrant violets.
Juicy plums, blackberries and redcurrants intertwined with spicy cider and dried herbs on the palate balanced with elegant dusty tannins, gentle acidity and a refreshing mineral reprise.

2018 Harvest was all about extremes. Climatically it was the second warmest season after 1998 and we experienced 1319 growing degree days . There was no frost pressure and flowering went through early and evenly. Unseasonal rains came mid-summer, which caused a spike in vine growth, which was controlled by diligent canopy management from the vineyard team. Late autumn provided warm settled conditions which played into our hands nicely for ripening he three varieties which make up Iridium. The Merlot came in first all plush & juicy, then the Cabernet Franc arrived showing off its floral aromatics and finally the Cabernet Sauvignon with its cassis aromas and structured tannins.

All the fruit is hand picked and destemmed with the goal of having whole berries to give us a long fermentation with wild or high glycerol producing yeast that slowly builds to a hot peak temperature. Malolactic fermentation is encouraged during primary, and a long warm post ferment maceration is carried out until the tannins are balanced. The batches are aged in French oak with 25% being new. The varieties and their batches are kept separate through several rounds of rack and returning to develop the structure of the wines. Blending is carried out mid-summer and the final blend is barrelled done for a final stretch of maturation over the following harvest/winter. In early spring the barrels were racked to tank, lightly fined and course filtered before bottling.

14.5% Alc/Vol

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Pinot Noir 2018

maraschino redcurrant cinnamon dry forest cedar graphite tamarillo spice snap silky tannins poised elegance

Softly compelling ruby-red in colour, a hue of radiant warmth.  Elegant, aromatic cluster of red and black cherries, red berries, earthy summer undergrowth, wild herbs with an underlying smokiness. Red fruit on entry, silky smooth texture, morello cherry, mixed spices with a river stone minerality on the reprise. Gentle support from oak, built around a delicate frame of acidity. A nod to the old world — wise, calm and assured.

Very little about our vineyard is consistent or even (over than the rows being straight) from the earth to the sky there are factors at play that create diversity. The way the river scoured out the ancient glacial bed of rumble. The grapevine age, source material and presence or not of a union to a rootstock. The surging force of the dry northwest wind attacking the northern ends of the blocks. Creating a wine that consistently and distinctively sings of this place requires micro-management in all aspects of its production.

The base of this wine is from around seven rows of the original 10/5 Pinot Noir clones planted in 1990. This is supported by the structural Dijon clones 113, 114 and 115. Aromatic complexity is given from a small percentage of 667 and 777 clones. All the fruit is hand harvested and vinified in individual clonal batches, which are kept separate over the winter and spring. During fermentation, the batches are gently hand plunged and pressed off after 2 to 3 weeks on skins. These components were racked and carefully blended pre 2019 harvest, lastly returned to old oak for 3 months before coarse filtering prior to bottling.

13.9% Alc/Vol

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Barebone Chardonnay 2020

almond flour stonefruit brewers malt lemon meringue pie salt crust silken opulence solar

A clear pale lemon core with a gold hue and flecks of green and silver. The aroma of the wine is truly multi-layered and yet understated. It shows fresh lime and lemon, white stone fruit and fragrant almond blossom mixed with malt biscuit and underlying mineral notes. Ripe peach and nectarine with key lime and yuzu drive the palate. A luscious full-bodied mouthfeel from aging on fine lees gives flavours of malty cheesecake crust combined with a crunchy mineral finish and hints of salted caramel. Stripped back Chardonnay rich in subtle complexities.

2020, a growing season of calm and grace until New Year, which set a smaller volume and lovely crop. Then came the immense heat and high winds of January and February which focussed vine vigour into fruit concentration. This was followed by the lockdown harvest in calm conditions with a small, dedicated and distanced picking crew who sang through the sombreity — and a highly focussed small team in the winery.

As the name suggests Barebone is our opportunity to produce a stripped back Chardonnay style that showcases the fruit from our site while still being rich in subtle complexities. We achieve this using large berried Chardonnay clones, whole bunch pressing, minimal use of old oak barrels, extended time on yeast lees.
Three qualities define this wine above all else, the first being the fruit aroma/flavour which we want to be subtle and pure. Acid structure is the second like the keystone in stone archway propping up the wine and giving it a mineral salt crunch. Finally yeast derived aroma/flavour and mouthfeel provide balance and intrigue.

The first two parcels were picked on consecutive dates mid-March and whole bunch pressed straight to a stainless steel fermenter and let to ferment wild and at warm temperature. The third parcel was picked, whole bunch pressed into neutral oak barrel and allowed to ferment wild. The fourth batch, again whole bunch pressed, and this time racked off heavy solids before warm fermentation with a neutral yeast strain. All parcels were combined shortly after fermentation and underwent 15 months of ageing on yeast lees. Lees were stirred monthly until Christmas 2020. The wine was then stabilised and bottled mid-winter 2021.

13.7% Alc/Vol

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crimson ink dark plum boronia cacao dust white pepper orange zest red licorice chambord supernova sustain

Dark ruby rose heart with an alluring crimson iridescent trim catch the eye. Soft dark plums, cassis and red liquorice jump out of the glass, anchored by delicate floral notes of sweet and peppery Boronia and low lying violets. Delicate savoury wafts of dried rosemary and thyme from the roasting dish. An extravaganza of wild blackberries, Black Doris plums and dark chocolate. Star anise and cigar box. A plush vibrant texture is followed by a deliciously juicy finish with fine raspberry acidity and ripe chewy tannins. The wine concludes with a gentle warm glow on the reprise — deep caramel comfort.

When this valley has gone quiet and all that’s left outside of the winery to show for a season’s hard work are bare lignified canes, a small patch of lime green canopy remains. Found deep in a natural amphitheatre scoured out by the river, our old Franc vines focus the last of the Autumn sun’s energy into their soft blue bunches. Patience is required waiting for optimum ripeness to harvest this fruit so perfectly poised on the edge.

Hand picking commenced for the 2019 Cabernet Franc late in the second week of May. Both the grafted portion of the vines and the non-grafted (split into two vessels and inoculated with two different yeast strains) came in on the same day. We incorporate clean precise winemaking techniques to be respectful of our Cabernet Franc fruit, which naturally exhibits deeply complex flavours and aromas, which we aim to showcase. Malolactic fermentation was encouraged to start during a hot primary fermentation and finish during a long and warm post-ferment maceration. The wines were then pressed and left to settle before being racked into a mix of French coopered barrels, so the final wine had a total of 16% new oak. The batches were kept separate through two rounds of rack and returning over winter and spring, before being put together pre-harvest 2020 and returned to rest in old oak. In early winter, the barrels were racked to tank, where the wine gained composure for two months before being lightly fined and course filtered before bottling.

14.2% Alc/Vol

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Dry Riesling 2020

lemon curd lime sorbet sand dunes ginger white fruit beeswax sunstones margarita purity & provenance

Clean and bright yellow gold, with silver and green hues flashing throughout — iridescent new straw. Aromas of pure green apples, lemon and lime with delicate white florals. Sunlight and seabreeze. Fresh green apple crunch combines with the sunshine of orange/yellow citrus to craft crisp acidity, underlaid by the gravelly riverstone minerality that is synonymous with our vineyards. Crunchy white peach, pear and ginger warm the mid palate flowing though to a long juicy finish driven by gentle pithy phenolics. Poised and pure — a summer sky shooting star!

For our Dry Riesling the decisions made during the season are influenced by two clear mandates “retain purity / clarity of flavour” and “achieve engaging balance between dry fruit sweetness, pithy sourness and salinity”. Because of this approach the body of the wine remains the same with each vintage, while character is driven by seasonal variation as vines and humans work in response to climatic erratica. Challenging and exciting!

2020 Dry Riesling is built upon fruit from both our gnarly more exposed upper terrace, and our lower Hellblock river level amphitheatre of finer sandy gravels. The first parcel of fruit from Hellblock was handpicked over 2 days in late March. The second parcel from our top terrace was also handpicked over two days in early April. All fruit was extremely clean and perfect for making our dry style of Riesling.
These batches were whole bunch pressed; the free run juice was fermented bright with a neutral wine yeast while the pressings were fermented hot in barrique with natural yeast. The wines spent winter and early spring on their yeast lees before considered fining, blending and bottling occurred in quick succession at the end of spring.

12.2% Alc/Vol

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cherry bright tangelo spice shiitake forest floor maraschino red licorice worn leather sustained crunch

Pale garnet with light ruby core. Bright aromatics of fresh cherries, raspberries, wood spices and tobacco. With time, subtle notes of forest undergrowth, floral perfumes and worn leather are revealed. Light fruit sweetness, fine silky tannin and restrained volume allow savoury elements to splice evenly into the red berry fruit core and crunchy acidity. This wine was crafted in vineyard & winery from a wild and unpredictable season, including a spike of warm temperatures prior to harvest – resulting in a warm hearted wine, poised in perfect tension.

Hand picked and sorted in the vineyard, individual parcels were gently destemmed without crushing into small open top fermenters. The fruit was ambient soaked until natural fermentation commenced, before a selected yeast strain was inoculated to carry on and finish the fermentation, usually in a hot and fast fashion. During this time the ferments were gently worked with various techniques to ensure that tannin extraction was respectful to the natural fruit weight and intensity. The more aromatic parcels were pressed off skins within five days of dryness, while the more robust Swiss clones spent up to two weeks on skins. Parcels were then run to barrel where we refrained from using much new oak (10%), to ensure respect was shown to the fruit. The wine then spent 12 months in barrel undergoing malolactic fermentation in Spring, before being lightly fined and coarse filtered prior to bottling.

13.5% Alc/Vol

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