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License Holder: The Partnership of Paul Antony Tutton, Olga Sienko–Tutton, Vicki Anne Tutton & Lindsay Mark Hill

License number: 57/OFF/230/2018

License expiry date: 5th day of December 2021


14.2% Alc/Vol

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Magnolia purple pastille black cardamon orange chocolate leather oystershell

Cabernet Franc — Merlot — Cabernet Sauvignon

Luxurious dark magenta in colour which shimmers mauve and scarlet. Purple pastille and violets leap from the glass and fill the surrounding air (as it did to the bottling hall). Dried herb, dry roasted vegetable and graphite provide subtleties while orange chocolate and wood spice ground the nose. Sweet red and purple fruits saturate the palate at first, surrounding a warm cedar heart — all balanced by juicy acidity and fine powdery tannins. The finish has a dry mineral bite that entices you back for more. Our evolutionary pathway — in a glass.

Iridium is all about evolution. Over time, changes occur within our soils and the vines they support within a warming climate. Change also flows through our winegrowing philosophies, aspirations and approach. No other wine in our portfolio captures this terrestrial & human evolution as clearly as Iridium. Iridium has evolved into a Cabernet Franc dominant, red blend. However, because it is the product of our aspiration to make the best full-bodied red blend possible from our site, it’s makeup is never set in stone.

15% Alc/Vol

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Pinot Noir 2016

alluring perfume cherry blossom almond winterspice fluid silk poise suspense

Very bright ruby garnet with distinct crimson hues. Aromatically – striking & seductive, bright red fruits, heartwarming winter spice, almond kernel & cherry stone lift – in time revealing a darker core. Warm, soft & silken on the palate – palpable fruit depth – authoritive presence. A fine poised pinot which sings of where it is from, and those who have worked with it from vine to wine.

Vinification of this wine is still evolving as we learn to voice the sense of establishment that these old vines bring. We destem without crushing before ferment, then soak on skins for up to a week. A small portion we whole bunch ferment and work specifically to draw out aromatics & structure. Primary ferments are fairly quick, hot & hand plunged, then sit on skins for a while, aiming for extraction levels just right for each vat. Wine then matures in Burgundian coopered French oak for a year before blending & bottling unfiltered.

14.5% Alc/Vol

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cherry bright tangelo spice shiitake forest floor maraschino red licorice worn leather sustained crunch

Pale garnet with light ruby core. Bright aromatics of fresh cherries, raspberries, wood spices and tobacco. With time, subtle notes of forest undergrowth, floral perfumes and worn leather are revealed. Light fruit sweetness, fine silky tannin and restrained volume allow savoury elements to splice evenly into the red berry fruit core and crunchy acidity. This wine was crafted in vineyard & winery from a wild and unpredictable season, including a spike of warm temperatures prior to harvest – resulting in a warm hearted wine, poised in perfect tension.

Hand picked and sorted in the vineyard, individual parcels were gently destemmed without crushing into small open top fermenters. The fruit was ambient soaked until natural fermentation commenced, before a selected yeast strain was inoculated to carry on and finish the fermentation, usually in a hot and fast fashion. During this time the ferments were gently worked with various techniques to ensure that tannin extraction was respectful to the natural fruit weight and intensity. The more aromatic parcels were pressed off skins within five days of dryness, while the more robust Swiss clones spent up to two weeks on skins. Parcels were then run to barrel where we refrained from using much new oak (10%), to ensure respect was shown to the fruit. The wine then spent 12 months in barrel undergoing malolactic fermentation in Spring, before being lightly fined and coarse filtered prior to bottling.

13.5% Alc/Vol

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gun flint green mango vanilla custard rich citrus nectarine crunch salt toffee radiant heart

Pale lemon with green and gold shimmer. Ripe stone fruits, charred citrus, flinty gunsmoke with underlying apple blossom and honey suckle. Crunchy nectarine & yellow stone fruit with vanilla custard — cradled by green mango freshness from a bright and driving acidity. Gentle, elegant oak purity and warmth hovers as the central acorn of this wine, grounded by the underlying voice of this ancient river terrace site — a salt crust mineral flow. 2019 brings a further footstep along the Sharkstone path as we learn more every season from these old vines in an unsettled climate.

The final wine is made up of 5 parcels of fruit all hand-picked over a 3–week period. The first parcel of Mendoza fruit comes from the lowest gravelly terraces along the river (Hellblock), which had a low crop level but highly concentrated fruit and gives richness to the blend. The next four parcels are from our top terraces at 150m above sea level, they are mixture of different plantings of Mendoza. The batches were inoculated with a mixture of wild yeast, natural yeast or Pied de cuve. To keep the beautiful structure of this wine, we allowed only 30% of the barrels to go through Malolactic fermentation and the texture is developed with very gentle batonnage through spring. The total time in barrel is nine months before being combined into one blend in mid-January. The wine was then stabilized, very lightly fined and bottled in March.

14% Alc/Vol

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Hellblock Riesling 2019

apple blossom lime/lemon sherbet mandarin apple crunch salt toffee gingerale iridescent

Pale straw with lime green hues. Very subtle notes of sweet elderflower, honey puffs and coriander seed float above a base layer of cut lime. The palate sees pineapple, green mango and salted lime intertwine creating an all-encompassing and electric taste experience.

Here at The Bone Line we set a very high standard for our Hellblock Riesling, the condition of the fruit must be impeccable, the concentration of flavour intense and the acid level electric. It was with great joy that the 2019 season gave us the perfect conditions to allow us to make back to back wines. The wine began with the harvest of fruit from our river side terrace sharing the same name. The fruit here was delicate and extremely intense because of meticulously hand working of the vine by the crew and the sheltered environment in which it grows.

From the single pick, we split the batch into two components. The first (approx. four fifths of the final wine) was whole bunch pressed and fermented as bright juice in a small stainless-steel vessel with a neutral yeast strain. Based on twice daily tastings the fermentation was stopped when the balance between the acidity and unfermented sweetness was just right. The second component was crushed and soaked on the stems overnight before being pressed to old oak. This was fermented to dryness and later blended back. The final blend was stabilized, fined and bottled in late spring.

11.4% Alc/Vol

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Pink Noise Rosé 2020

cherry blossom rose petal ripe peach frangipani wild strawberry pink grapefruit pomegranate sparkle

Pink guava flesh in appearance. Bright red berry fruit is encircled with cherry blossom and rose petal on the nose. Wild strawberries, crunchy stone fruit and rock melon make up the palate, savoury textures and weight from the barrel fermentation support the lovely natural acidity to give a balanced finish. Serve slightly chilled. Our small tribute to summer.

As summer approaches and we are gently tilted to bask in the full glow of the sun we celebrate the change in seasons with our Pink Noise Rosé. This wine is designed to be something to savour during the coming months and be fleeting as the day light begins to wane once more. A composition of Pinot Noir 46%, Merlot 40% and 14% Syrah. The Pinot is picked from a selection of fruit from our top terraces, it has very little skin contact and is fermented in three old barrels. The Merlot comes from our small planting on the mid-terrace — the grapes were picked smack bang in the middle of their ripeness spectrum, then crushed and soaked on skins for 12 hours before being pressed, settled and racked clear to two old barrels. A small percentage of Syrah comes from young plantings on our lowest terrace. All parcels of fruit are fermented with a very slow yeast strain which more than anything allowed us to retain a modest amount of residual sweetness to balance the palate. Aged for three months before minimal fining, filtration and bottling occurred in August.

12.8% Alc/Vol

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Dry Riesling 2019

lemon blossom salt crust jasmine flower lime juice spicy toffee stellar

Pale barley straw in colour with vibrant yellow, silver and green hues. This wine gives off a sense of tension and youth. Aromas of lime leaf, blossom and fruit are so pure and inviting. As it evolves in the glass it reveals subtleties like dusty dry herbs, juniper and gravel. The taste is reminiscent of a perfect Mandarin, so bursting with sweet flavour the acid provides direction and pithy phenolics provide a lingering dry mouthfeel. One of our finest examples to date.

The poor flowering conditions of the previous spring actually worked in our favour with Riesling. The typical heavy crop thinning required to ensure good fruit health and concentration was naturally performed through a significant reduction in bunch and berry size. Picking our first parcel of fruit for the season and the first component of this wine couldn’t have been more effortless, bursting with flavour and immaculate in condition the bunches were whipped from their groomed environment on a late March morning. The second parcel came in two weeks later amongst a much busier pace, but the quality was just as good. Whole bunch pressed; the free run juice was fermented bright with a neutral wine yeast while the pressings were fermented hot in barrique with natural yeast. The wines spent winter and early spring on their yeast lees before considered fining, blending and bottling occurred in quick succession at the end of spring.

12% Alc/Vol

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Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Magnolia coriander seed green tea leaf miso jalapeno oil toasted sesame / brown rice

Golden pale silica in colour. Brined jalapenos and sweet white blossom compete for initial impression on the nose. A core of yellow fleshed fruit lays beneath zesty citrus, sweet herbs and Japanese inspired savouriness. When tasted the wine seems to become even more grounded with green tobacco and bramble. A juicy, saline entry leads to a dry and textured gravel dust finish that is incredibly persistent.

Riverbone is gravel-borne. There are two sections of soil in our vineyard where the boulders are formidable, the pebbles are pure and the columns of sands bottomless. The naturally high vigour of Sauvignon blanc is dragged beneath the earth as the roots drive deep and wide searching of sustenance. What results is a small balanced vine that produces fruit that is more austere, grounded and complex. When converting the fruit into wine we try to accentuate these characters with subtle oak, natural yeast and long maturation time both in barrel and bottle.

14% Alc/Vol

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Sauvignon Blanc 2019

lime blossom lemongrass elderflower pink grapefruit passionfruit silken purity creamy complexity

Aromas of passion fruit, pink grapefruit and citrus rind supported by layers of lime blossom, elderflower and lemongrass. The palate shows ripe stone fruits with citrus, creamy complexity from the lees contact in barrel — leading to bright and vibrant acidity which provides a pure, fresh finish.

This wine is all about layers of complexity. The first parcel was picked from our lower Hellblock terrace in early April, to create a classic Sauvignon blanc base. Processed and fermented in a way to preserve the delicate yet intense aromatics of Hellblock grown fruit. The next two parcels were picked riper, from our more exposed and rugged upper terrace blocks. This idea is to expand the flavour profile and add character to the wine. With these parcels we used wild ferments with solids, a small amount of skin. After three months maceration on lees all components were blended and stabilized in early spring.

14.1% Alc/Vol

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