The Boneline




THE BONELINE is our watercourse to strange pastsThe river and the permeated landscapeThe charcoal poem of ancient bonesThe fossil’s hieroglyphA deep and local telepathy of watercourse and strataWine grown on the shoulders of giants
Made here with humility and heart

Shark Vertabrae, Waipara River, Est. 15—18 million years

Our time here is a blink in context of The Bonelineagainst the vastness of the geological riches we live amongst

The Bone Line. Named in reference to the nearby K-T Boundary line that is evidence of the global catastrophe of an asteroid impact on the earth and the end of the Mesozoic Era and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Each of the wines’ labels features fossils discovered in the Waipara River dating back as far as 65 million years. The labels thus bear a tangible connection with the land on which the fruit is grown, old vines and the family partnership of Tutton Sienko & Hill’s growing experience.

Vines grow on natural river terraces at the base of steep shingle banks

Planting started in 1989 and there are now some 60 acres of producing vines. Soils range from river gravels with silt & limestone to alluvial loams over gravels. The blocks in the vineyard differ in height and aspect with the river terraces being partially encompassed by cliffs.

The vineyard’s natural amphitheatres allow a wide range of varieties to grow and ripen (considering the region & climate), creating incredibly diverse flavours.

We are members of the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, which provides a framework for the best viticultural practices to protect the environment while efficiently producing premium grapes.

Shark Tooth, Carchoracles Megaladon, Waipara Valley, Est. 15—18 million years

We are a family who have lived close to the land for generations


Vineyard Manager, Partner. Born in Christchurch, trained as a tradesman Horticulturist at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, worked as a Landscaper and Nurseryman. Has 25 years experience in Viticulture, at The Boneline site. Interests are British Bikes, 50’s American cars, Electric guitars, Drums and Antique furniture.


Partner. Australasian raised. Learned the love of the North Canterbury landscape through an early career in the grain trade. Moved to London to open restaurants, restore historic buildings and become a wine merchant. Likes watching trees grow.


Partner. Pathway of animals, art history & arts management via MBA / Vit & Oenology studies led to life among the vines. Responsible for sales, administration and anything office related. Love linking people and ideas.


Jeff graduated with honours from Roseworthy late last century and has honed his viticulture & winemaking skills making wine for some of New Zealand’s leading labels. As well as making wine for his own family’s Ostler Vineyards in the Waitaki, he consults to a select group of clients that share his passion for making, enjoying and selling wine.


Assistant Winemaker. Anchors things in the winery. Spent several years travelling making wine overseas, the last ten years in Waipara. Privileged to play an integral part eeking out wine from The Boneline. Likes making things, surfing and thinking.

Gary Quinn

Vineyard Manager. Born in Christchurch. Studied viticulture at the Gisborne Polytechnic with Jeff Sinnott. 25 years experience in viticulture, 20 of them at The Boneline site. Interests are old Motorbikes, European cars, Surfing, Ukulele, and Hawaiian shirts.

Shark Tooth, Waipara River, Est. 30 million years

Special thanks to Leigh Love for access to his vast collection and knowledge of the fossils of the Waipara River.