Oct – 25 2021 REDS DINNER

We have a lot of news heading into summer so I’m just going to pack it in here! It’s going to be a fast paced hit of The Boneline news.


Thanks to everyone who came to our Wine Maker’s 2021 Cabernets release dinner!

It sure was a special night and it’s always heartening for us to hear good feedback and touch base with great people, especially for those here who aren’t often in a public facing role like Willie and Tristan and they are always happy to see people enjoy the wine they put so much work into! That’s what it’s all about after all and we get much satisfaction from moments like this!

Huge thanks to Kate Mc Millan for helping us put together another event! Here is a photo of one of the main dishes.

If you’d like to see what all of the fuss is about you can experience these wines at home by hitting the button below! There is around 80 bottles of each of these two wines left at this point so if you’d like some get onto it now!


I’m going to be blunt here. We make amazing Pinot Noir but it’s often overshadowed by our more niche wines. So to move some Pinot Noir we have gone ahead and released the 2020 early at a lower price point with a whole new label and look! This is not a long term plan so snatch it up now because I’m going to be trying to move as much of this as I can this week! The only place you can buy this by the bootle is directly from us, as it’s going to be mostly sold as a glass pour in restaurants.  Buy some now before its allocated to restaurants!


For Discover South Bank we will be having a Rose’ Lunch! To celebrate the release of the 2023 Pink Noise Rose’! Every stop along the way will have special offers.

Here Kate Mc Millan will be cooking up a storm for an outdoor BBQ Lunch on our new grill that Jack made, you might have seen it in the previous newsletter!  

We will have hourly winery tours on the go as well. Drop in and have lunch, a glass of Rose and meander around the South Bank! 


he largest event in the Hurunui is back for 23/24! We are super excited about this year because the line up is very very good! Here are Jack’s picks from the line up.

Swae Lee is one of the headliners this year and I’m very excited about this. Swae Lee has his own career as well as being half of Rae Sremmurd. It’s going to be pretty surreal watching him perform on the family vineyard.

I’m excited to see my friends from Sachi play again at Rolling Meadows! They are a really up beat pop duo from Auckland who do an amazing job of playing multiple instruments and synths all while singing!  

The HP Boyz will also be performing! I love the way these guys put a true spin on rap that could only happen in NZ or Australia with mullets and motor bikes in their music videos- it’s cool to see something closer to home go global!

These are just a few artists I’m excited to see.


We have a new and improved Piquette back on the shelves fresh for some warmer weather. Lots of it will be allocated to Port Noise in Lyttleton this year so if this is your thing, then order up now! This year we have chosen to just focus on the Riesling Piquette as we think Riesling works the best for the Piquette after some experimenting.

If you don’t know what Piquette is don’t feel silly! This is our largest barrier to making more of it, that people don’t know what it is or if they will like it. Find out more by watching the video here with Emily talking about Piquette as we can attribute it’s existence here to her experimentation!

Come and check out some new release wines at North Canterbury Wine Collective in Christchurch! It’s a fun night where we all make the trip into the big smoke and talk some rubbish with you! There is also going to be really good food this year making the tickets great value. This Friday!!!

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