OPENING drinks – RM Line up launch

To legally charge for wine consumption at the cellar door we have had to make a lot of changes over the past few years! Come and celebrate this change with us by buying a glass of wine and testing out our new food menu.

There will be music, open flames along with the release of our 2022 Pink Noise Rose’! We can’t wait!

It’s been no secret that we have had food available at our cellar door for the last few weekends. We have been wanting to celebrate this development with some opening drinks but thought it best to get our systems running smoothly prior to doing this.

In order to get our on-licence which allows us to charge for tastings we have had to re-consent our winery building and install fire exit lighting and alarms all – while having large periods of cellar door down time over the last few years due to covid 19. It’s been super exciting actually and we are glad to be where we are at now with it all leading into what we are hoping will be a hot, busy summer.

Currently we are running the tapas menu during the weekends but we have plans to extend our food hours leading into summer.

Help us out through the marketing power of word of mouth by telling your family, friends and loved ones that we have an amazing sharing style tapas Menu to enjoy in our winery garden. Along with a walkway! And fab wines of course.


We are heading into our second year of Rolling Meadows New Year’s festival organised by Sub180 Entertainment after hugely successful first year. The Festival is held on The Boneline property and it is very cool to see something of this scale happening in North Canterbury let alone in our backyard. It’s also a good opportunity for us to introduce wine to a younger audience.

Rolling Meadows line up launch happened this week, it is very cool to see some huge acts come to our corner of the region and we encourage locals to purchase Day passes if they would like to come and see what’s happening.

Check it out below –

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2022 Pink Noise Rose’ will be releasing this Friday! It’s the most intriguing Rose’ we have ever produced – and a rare thing, as this season’s Rose’ is made from fruit that would have otherwise become Iridium. 2022 harvest ended unusually abruptly and early when the canopies on many vines in our region shut down over a weekend – turning suddenly from green/yellow leaved to golden. Vines need the photosynthetic power of green leaves to ripen fruit, so this sudden change of colour meant there was no gain to be had in leaving fruit on the vines in the late autumn sun for another 2 weeks as usual.

With this fruit, we decided to make an amazing new Bordeaux style of Rose’. As most of you will know many rose’s in New Zealand are made from Pinot Noir. Our Pink Noise Rose’s a refreshing crisp break from the Pinot Noir style rose’ with additional depth and intrigue, and is dangerously palatable in the sunny evenings.

If you would like to pre-order some Pink Noise Rose’ and ensure you are some of the first to get your hands on this 2022 vintage – please email

2020 Wai-iti Pinot Noir

We have also released our new 2020 Wai-iti Pinot Noir this week ;

2020 was the earliest season in our 32 years growing. A warm, dry September and cool October were followed by our hottest November on record, which set up very favourable conditions for flowering. Summer started with dry, slightly warmer conditions than normal for both December and January, followed by a dry, much warmer than average February. This put much of the east coast of New Zealand, including North Canterbury into drought. March brought a break in the heat and some much needed rain which slowed the ripening of beautiful clean fruit. The first blocks were picked on the 16th of March. April, returned to dry weather, with above-average temperatures which was ideal for the bulk of our harvest.


Ruby- rhubarb shortcake – bracken – porcini – cherry chocolate – strawberry balsamic – pomegranate crunch – oyster shell

Thanks for checking out our news and we hope to see as many of you as we can on Friday!!


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