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Usually shearing the sheep wouldn’t make the news letter but as it consumed most of my Saturday and was a complete train wreck I’ve decided to tell you all about it.

To give some context to the situation, we needed some sheep again to eat down the grass in spare paddocks so Rosalind and I got some lambs off our neighbours last year that we called Tofu and Voltron. They are friendly chunky bois.

Vic and Lindsay were jealous of all the fun we were having with our lambs and one night after watching an inspiring episode of Country Calendar they organised to collect around 6 Arapawa sheep. They look great – but what’s happened is my parents have bought some of the wildest and most athletic sheep that we have ever had on the property.

Everything was looking good for the shearing as Lindsay herded all of the sheep into a wooden pen and shut the gate only for four of them to immediately jump out.

Hamish, the ring leader of bad behaviour led the sheep on a tour of the entire property while Lindsay chased them around in the truck. We managed to catch two of them once they got tired including Hamish who we actually didn’t expect to get shorn.
Here’s a rare photo of Hamish up close.

And below are Tofu and Voltron.

We are now reflecting on the sheep shearing event and might have to make some sort of deer fence height pen to hold the sheep in because while the Arapawa sheep are semi-tame they are also capable of jumping any fence should they choose to. Once the shearers left all the sheep returned themselves to the paddock immediately, as after all the exercise they wanted some sheep pellet treats.


We have been trying to keep on top of all of this new growth and with patches of rain this has been hard. Our under vine weeder has been doing a great job though clearing out all of the competition under the vines. It’s a whole new look for the vineyard clearing underneath the irrigation. We hope that this will improve our tonnage in our 33 year old organic vineyard and give the vines the best chance to grow as old as possible!

Above is a photo of the Waimanu Pinot Noir block.

Thanks for reading, We hope to see some of you soon over the silly season!


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